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Quality Pest Control Company Management Software

ServBasic Pest Control Software Management System

Managing a pest control company can be hard work. There are invoices to track, schedules to be changed and made, reports to be created, and pest control customers that need to be satisfied.

ServBasic is absolutely free for the first year or until you build up a base of over 200 clients – whichever comes first. As soon as you get ServBasic, the pest control software will be up and running the same day, so you can start managing your pest control business online as soon as possible.

In addition to fast accessibility, ServBasic also comes with unlimited support. If you have any questions about ServBasic or are experiencing an issue, our support expert is always on hand to help you.

Without a way to organize all of these activities, managing can become extremely difficult. This is why we at ServicePro decided to create ServBasic, a simple and innovative pest control management system that makes managing your pest control business quick and easy. Created by a pest control software business that has been around for more than 20 years, ServBasic is one of the most innovative pest control management systems in the world.

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ServBasic is now compatible to use on tablets and mobile devices. This means that you or your technicians will be able to access ServBasic through the browser on your tablet or mobile device and complete your work orders - even when you are out in the field. You won’t have to wait to go back to the office - and you will be able to finish a lot more while moving around.

Simple Interface Software

ServBasic Simple Pest Control Interface Software

ServBasic, our simple pest control software solution, is all about making pest control company management easy and efficient. It is a valuable tool that will automate the tasks involved in your pest control business. The software can work on most common browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, so you can access your software anywhere and at any time. There is no special equipment required! All you need is an internet connection and a printer, and the software will figure out the rest.

Customer Information

ServBasic Pest Control Software Customer Information Management

ServBasic makes organizing and storing customer information quick and simple. Once you enter information into the ServBasic system, that data will be stored forever. Since the pest control software is online, you will be able to access customer information anywhere at any time. You can even keep storing past customer information with no limits, so your company can maintain old records for later reference. In addition, you can contact customers via email or mail with just one click.

Being able to store and access customer information in this way will ensure that no data will get lost and you will be able to give your customers the timely and accurate services they need.


ServBasic Pest Control Software Scheduling Feature

Scheduling is one of the most important parts of any pest control business. With ServBasic, you can schedule your pest control professionals out in the field with ease. The software can be customized to match your business’s needs, so you can schedule services by the day, week, month, or year. Even custom schedules can be included. If you would like to continue the same schedule the following year, the ServBasic scheduling module can repeat the same dates and hours into the next year’s schedule.

Once your business’s schedule has been put into the scheduling module, you can set up reminders and renewals. So, if a service appointment with a customer is coming up, an email reminder notice or a call ahead notice can be sent to that customer. If an appointment needs to be rescheduled, days and times can easily be switched around by dragging and dropping the appointment into the calendar slot you want. With all of this functionality, you need never worry about missing a pest control appointment again.


ServBasic Pest Control Software Billing and Invoicing Management

With ServBasic pest control software, you can easily make and keep track of your pest control company’s billing statements with the billing module. If you want to look at a customer’s statement, you can pull one or many statements up at once onto your screen for easy reference. Once you are finished creating or editing a statement, you can send it to the customer with one click by email or print depending on your preference.


ServBasic Pest Control Software Customer Payment Manager

In addition to creating billing statements, ServBasic also allows you to set up customer payments. Whether your customers prefer pre-pay or other payment options, ServBasic can handle any type of payment system required by your pest control company. So, if your business happens to run on a different monthly system, such as a five week month, the software can adapt to meet those needs just as easily as if you were running on a four week month.


ServBasic Pest Control Software Reporting for Pest Control Businesses

Reporting is an important aspect of any pest control business, and ServBasic makes this task quick and simple with the reporting module. ServBasic can generate multiple types of pest control reports, including commissions, taxes collected, forecast, and history of work. You can even custom build your reports to find the exact information you need in seconds. Once you have the reports you want, you can convert them into PDFs, put them in Microsoft Excel, or print them out for your records. All of this information at your fingertips will save your pest control company time, effort, and money by providing the data you need when you need it.


ServBasic Pest Control Software can upgrade to ServSuite Pest Control Software

Once you’re ready to move on to something bigger and even better, ServBasic is easilyupgradable to ServSuite, our enterprise pest control software solution. ServSuite has a whole new suite of exclusive features to increase the success and profitability of your pest control business, including no limit on time or customers entered. You can keep track of inventory, use GPS to track company vehicles, use the software on mobile devices, and much more.

Whenever you’re ready for more features and flexibility for your pest control business, ServSuite will be waiting. Plus, there’s no need to worry about losing years of data entry during the conversion process. If you are interested in moving up to ServSuite today, please give us a call at (614) 874-4300.

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